Mamie Nova - French Yogurt
The brief
Mamie Nova is a French dairy brand that was entering the Indian market. The brand was launching a range of flavored yogurts and yogurt-based drinks. Awchat/Olsen was tasked with developing the packaging and positioning.
The approach
Based on the extensive research, we understood that the Indian consumer understood that yogurt was inherently a healthy product. However, the consumer placed more value on taste over just health benefits. There were also several eating occasions – a snack on the go, a dessert, or breakfast. Hence the brand was positioned to highlight - French Style Yogurt – a gourmet offering using high-quality ingredients, focusing not only on health but also on pleasure. The authenticity was further enhanced through the ‘Deliciously French’ call out, and distinct French color palette and patterns that promised an artisanal, gourmet experience that is highly distinctive in the category and has a high shelf impact.
What we did
Brand Positioning 
Packaging Design