Alcheme - Personalised Skincare
The brief
Alcheme is a direct-to-customer skincare brand. Started by two skincare experts, Alcheme offers skincare products that are personalised for every customer. By using AI and Technology, they diagnose and understand your skin goals and help address them by formulating a product that is as unique as you. Awchat and Olsen Design was asked to relaunch the brand.
The approach
Awchat and Olsen Design worked with the Alcheme team on their rebranding. Post auditing their existing assets and marketing / communication approach, we conducted primary research to understand the natural and personalised skincare segment, trends, and forecasts. Unlike other skincare startups, which focused purely on the 'cool / trendy' quotient, what set Alcheme apart was the founders' background in skincare, their understanding professional quality ingredients / formulations, and the promise of efficacy. Based on the idea of 'science of nature', we created a unique brand language, that was translated into the identity, packaging, website and content.
What we did
E-Commerce Website UI
Art Direction
Content Creation
Social Media
New Product Launch