Heka - Natural Pet Food
The brief
Heka is a new entrant to the saturated dog food segment. The direct-to-customer brand aims to disrupt the category by offering premium quality dog food at a budget price point. Selling only online, the brand offers unique flavours, with high quality natural healing ingredients. Their brand focuses on using premium quality natural ingredients that are combined for their healing and nutritional properties.
The approach
The main concern of any dog owner is to ensure that their pet lives longer and is healthy. Based on this core consumer concern, we named the brand Heka, which is the goddess of healing and protection. Heka promises to offer natural, well-balanced products that have unique herbs and ingredients that have a healing and rejuvenating effect on pets. This name also addressed the brand's proposition of 'healing through nature'. Considering that the brand would exist primarily on the digital shelf, Awchat and Olsen designed the packaging to standout and communicate on the digital marketplace. The design, information hierarchy, brand proposition, and unique colour palette ensured that the product looks fresh and contemporary. The strategic decision not to use images of dogs helped us focus on the core offering - the ingredients, and helped the young brand stand out amongst established players.
What we did
Competitive Audit
Packaging Design