Albus - Varroc Core Competency Program
The brief
Varroc Engineering approached Awchat and Olsen Design for branding its core competency program. As an auto technology company, their objective was to create a program that the new millennial employee can associate with, and understand. The challenge was to be able to translate the technical / academic content into something that is easy to understand and reflected the young and dynamic ethos of the brand.
The approach
Post workshops with the HR and employees / potential employees, the insight was that they have several questions about how to grow, hire, exceed in the company, but no clear direction. Hence we positioned this program to be a mentor who will guide every employee. We named the program Albus, based on the fictional wizard who guides students and can look into the future. The program was further rolled out through a series of branded workshops, internal communication activities, merchandise and the handbook.
What we did
Communication Design