Ice Cream Works
The brief

Ice Cream Works is an ice cream brand which has 42 outlets across 15 cities. The brand is known for it's experimental and artisanal approach to ice cream. Only the very best ingredients are used to create decadent ice cream flavours. The brand promise was to offer ice cream that was more crunchier, more chewy, and more gooey than the competition. Today the ice cream brand also retails at Supermarkets across India. Awchat Olsen design was an integral part of the brand, and have partnered with the brand since inception.

The approach
While the name and the colors were already set, Awchat Olsen worked with Ice Cream Works right from inception. Post primary research, and an intensive  competitor audit, we developed a distinct brand identity that made the brand stand out from it's competitors. Use of distinct visual style, and verbal identity, Awchat Olsen was responsible for the launch campaign, store interiors and graphics, in-store communication and all of the marketing collaterals. In phase two, we helped launch the packaging design for retail. The designs were developed post research, competitor audit, and shelf impact studies. Awchat Olsen is currently working with Ice Cream works on content development, social media and launch of their new flavour range.
What we did
Brand Positioning
Packaging Design
Art Direction
Retail Activation
Content Development
Social Media