Betr - Healthy Beverages
The brief
Betr is an in-house brand of Future Consumer. It was conceived as a brand that will offer a range of healthy alternatives for beverages and snacks. These products were targeted towards the SEC A, B, and C segment. The product brief included naming, followed by packaging several products, starting with the range of cold pressed juices.
The approach
Awchat and Olsen Design worked with the Future Consumer team to come up with the naming and packaging. Betr was derived from the idea that the products are better for you, and with their sustainable packaging, better for the planet as well. The logo was inspired by a drop in the shape of a heart that conveys good health. The bright, minimal packaging was designed to stand out on the shelf. The use of water colour illustrations communicate the fresh, small batch proposition.
What we did
Brand Positioning
Logo Design
Packaging Design