Frozen In Time
The brief
Frozen In Time is a mass market frozen dessert brand retailing pan-India through Big Bazaar. The target group is mainly the SEC B, C, and D segments. The brand wanted to break this category by offering the biggest ice cream packs for the lowest price. With the tag of 'Sabse Bada Pack, Sabse Sasta Price' they aimed to change the notion of ice cream from a being an occasional luxury to a regular treat.
The approach
Awchat and Olsen Design initiated the project with primary research and a competition audit. We conducted in-store surveys, and shelf impact tests. With the over-saturated me-too packaging in the category, the brand needed to define a clearer proposition in order to help differentiate it from the competition and achieve greater stand out on the shelf. The concept was to convey eating ice cream as an escape from the ordinary. The packaging was designed to promise a well-deserved escape and treat. For this segment of consumers, snowy mountain tops are associated with a feeling of escape, holidays and purity. By introducing white mountain tops that remind us of dairy and a shift to a bright colour palette makes the product stand out on a shelf.
What we did
Competitive Audit
Packaging Design
Product Photography
Retail Activation